Name of indicators


Type of the chassis



Load capacity of the cradle, kg, not more


Work lifting height, m
Overall dimensions in the transport position, mm






Full mass of the elevator, kg


Distribution of  load on the road from the gross weight of the elevator, kg, not more        on the front axle


                                           on the rear axle (trolley)


Boom, m


Turning angle of the arrow, °

360 (not limited)

Working pressure in the hydraulic system , Мпа


Maximum lifting angle overcoming by the elevator, %


Maximum transport speed of the elevator, km/h


Supporting  contour, m, not less


Time of the lifting of the cradle on the maximum height, s


Maximum rotary speed of the turning part, s-1 (rot/min)

0,017 (1,0)

Number of turnovers of the engine when the elevator works, min


Maximum slope angle of the working platform, °


Maximum permissible air speed at work (at a height of 10 m), m/s


Working fluid of the hydraulic system

TNK Hydraulic Winter 22
TU 0253-028-44918199-2006

Place of management

Operator unit on the rotary part and unit in the cradle

Way of management

Electro hydraulic with proportional management

The elevator is used:

–        for lifting the working materials and instruments to a height of 18 meters when the building and mounting works, repairing works, electro and technical works are fulfilled;

–        for fulfilling the works at a height in the electrical installations which are under the voltage to 10kV when there is an electro isolated cradle;

–        for service of the power lines, buildings, structures and devices of the city communal services.


Distinguishing qualities of the Machine  Hydraulic Elevator PMS-318-02 with the proportional system of management

  1. Management of the arrow movement is carried out with the help of the proportional regulator of the expense of the working fluid by the firm Integrated Hydraulics and the hydraulic control valve by the firm  Hydrocontrol. This combination allows to regulate the speed of movement of the working organs from “0” to “maximum” with the smooth transition.
  2. Replacement of the OPU(supporting and turning device) +Reducer to the reducer of the turning «three in one» (OPU+Reducer+Hydromotor) by the firm Meta Hydraulics  with the additional protection block allows:
  • To reduce the time of service;
  • To provide the smooth rotation of the arrow around its axis without the limitation of the angle of turning;
  • To provide smooth stop with the regulation of rotary speed.
  1. Management of the working operations is carried out with the help of the one-coordinated joystick and the button of a choice of the operations by the firm of Fabercom  from any of the panels which are situated on the turning frame and in the cradle.
  2. Using the cable entry Lappcabel, the sockets Tyco-Electroniq, the waterproof switches, the buttons  Mollen,  the panel’s bodies ELS and the terminal contacts Wago in the electricity allows to increase the reliability of the work, the leakproofness of the sockets and allows to reduce the environment influence to the socket contacts.
  3. The system of the hydraulic management is based on the elements of the  world famous firms Hydrocontrol,ABCOLuenKladivarSofima. In combination with the working fluid of the hydraulic system the oil TNK “Hydraulic Winter 22” allows to increase the reliability of the work and the service life.

ОАО "СММ" осуществляет услуги плазменной и газокислородной резки металла, в т.ч. из давальческого металла.

Технические характеристики:
-размер рабочей зоны 2000х12000
-толщина реза 2-200 мм
-отклонение от габаритного размера детали 0,5 мм на длине L=6000мм

Услуги по покраске различных деталей, узлов, оборудования, с/х и строительной техники с использованием сушки с применением всего спектра лакокрасочных материалов с габаритами покрасочной камеры LхDхH 12500х5500х4500

Услуги по дробеструйной очистке поверхностей с использованием дроби ф=1мм