Pinskiy Zavod Sredstv Maloy Mechanizatcii i Metallokonstruktcii was established on the first of January in 1986 by the order of the Ministry of Melioration and Water Industry of USSR.

JSC “Pinskiy Zavod Sredstv Maloy Mechanizatcii” (abbreviated as JSC “SMM”) was founded by the order of the Committee of the Government of Belarus for the Management of Government Property and Privatization №25 on January 31, 1994 by the means of reorganization the state enterprise “Pinskiy Zavod Sredstv Maloy Mechanizatcii i Metallokonstruktcii” in accordance  with the legislation of joint stock companies about the denationalization and privatization of government property of Belarus.

The main strategic directions on which JSC “SMM” has been developing are the widening the range of produced products and the improvement of their technical and economic characteristics.

The main kinds of activity of JSC “SMM” are:

–       engineering, production, repairs and diagnostics of lifting and transportation equipment (lifts), loading and unloading equipment (loaders);

–       production of building, road and excavation machines;

–       production of rubber technical products;

–       production of the other means of mechanization.

The land on which JSC “SMM” is located has the total area of 9,08 hectare. It’s situated in the western industrial party of Pinsk in production and storage area. It has convenient and advantageous automobile and rail roads. An important automobile road of the republican value (M-10) Kobrin-Gomel places in three kilometers from the enterprise.

On the plant’s ground there is a single-stored industrial building with the total area of 23 130 m². The industrial area is 20 305 m².

Also there are administrative and household building, storage rooms, transportation sector, compressor room, the object of the civil protection and the other adding and energetic buildings. There is a special equipped area for the testing the lifts.

In the present JSC “SMM” has a full set of subdivisions of the main production and a well-developed infrastructure of adding production.

The main production consists of:

–       mechanical workshop;

–       harvesting and welding workshop;

–       bench-assembly workshop;

the area of the high-pressure hoses and galvanizing.ЧПУ

In the state of the enterprise design and technologic departments are worked. They have a modern computer base and an experience of practical work in the sphere of design, in the sphere of technical training of production and in the sphere of repair of lifts (towers) and loader excavators.

There is a central plant laboratory which is accredited to technical competence in accordance with the demands of STB ISO/MEK 17025 (№BY11202.2.0.0635) about holding nondestructive testing of quality of metal and welded joints. Also it carries out an input control of the coming metals, parts and materials.

In the state of the enterprise there is a service of metrology and standardization.

The permanent process of technical modernization and introduction of the high technologies takes place in JSC “SMM”.  The production workshops are equipped with the modern machines and equipment the production of the South Korea, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Japan.robots

Today the production capacities of JSC “SMM” let to produce in a single-shift of work up to 606 units of manufactured products namely they permit to produce machine hydraulic elevators of different modifications in the volume of 209 units in a year, excavator loaders and handing equipment of different modifications in the volume of 396 units in a year, high-pressured hoses – 500 000 units in a year.

JSC “SMM” exports its production (about 50%) to the CIS countries, the Baltic countries, in which it has dealers and its own distribution network.

The quality system of design, development and production machine hydraulic elevators and excavator loaders meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.  All the products are certificated.  The plant provides the warranty and service in the regions in which it makes deliveries of its technics. It guarantees the delivery of spare repairs on the all kinds of special equipment and on the whole range of produced products.